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January2016 IssueNo. 4
forLWF in2016
Our community needs help! Help in
knowing how we can plant more trees,
tackle human-wildlife conflict, preserve
our culture as we conserve nature and
especially inmakingwater available that is
safe to use. We saw strides towards that in
2015 through LWF and we hope that they
continue to make water a priority in 2016
whichwill greatly help our families.
The drought in 2015 presented potential
conflict betweenwildlife, cattle, com-
munities, ranchers and our neighbours.
LWF’sRangelands team identified this
and gave us good information on how
availability of grass can bring peace.
Thiswasmy highlight for 2015. In 2016
we are looking forward to betterwildlife
management through electric fencing,
andwe hope our youthwill get employ-
ment tomanage the fence as scouts.
Last yearwe attended a seminar to learn
about animal disease-causing organisms
throughLWF’s facilitation. This year it
should be intensified to help us understand,
importance ofwildlife, conservation
education, properwatermanagement,
storage and fencing. Some people don’t
understandwho is building all these fences
andwhy they are being built everywhere.
aikipia, and the greater Ewaso
landscape have embarked on a
mission to be Kenya’s very own
CitizenSciencedestination.The launchpad
for this initiative will be the Great Grevy’s
Rally (GGR) scheduled to take place from
the 29
to 31
January 2016. Residents
of Laikipia and visitors alike have been
invited to share in the science of discovery
and to engage in asking questions that will
focus future efforts, both for scientific
investigation and management of these
key, unique territories and their resources.
The essence of Citizen Science is that
volunteers collect and share information
that can be analysed by scientists and
citizen participants.
This information then becomes rich
TheGreatGrevy’sRallyset to
impact conservation inLaikipia
material for public feedback, wider public
information sharing, lobbying, advocacy,
funding and the development of new
projects. In essence, we’re increasingly
talking about the “democratisation” of
science, scientific funding, and the use of
scientific results.
The GGR is the first important step
in making Citizen Science a reality for
Laikipia and the greater Ewaso landscape.
This scientifically supervised engagement
of the public will yield the first attempted
complete census of the endangeredGrevy’s
zebra in Kenya. It will contribute to their
conservationand rehabilitationasakeystone
Ewaso Landscape animal. It will also bring
economic, tourism and PR benefits to the
participating counties that can be judged in
the millions of shillings. Perhaps the brand
- “ Utafiti ya Wanainchi” will brand this
landscapewell into the future.
impact on conservation and organisers are
encouraging all Kenyans, enthusiastic about
conservation, to get involved. Registration
for theevent is through theevent’swebsite–
and participants
areall expected toattend theevent’sbriefing
that will take place at Nanyuki Sports Club
on 29
January from 8am to 3pm prior to
travelling to their designated areas for the
Members of Kenya’s Grevy’s Zebra
Technical Committee along with local
partners are leading the charge to organise
and implement the GGR. The organising
committee includes: Grevy’s Zebra Trust,
KenyaWildlife Services, LaikipiaWildlife
Forum, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,
Marwell Wildlife, Northern Rangelands
Trust, Samburu Trust, Saint Louis Zoo
(USA), and Princeton University (USA).
In addition, local partners are joining to
support and facilitate the event, including
Mpala Research Centre and the county
governments of Isiolo, Laikipia, Marsabit
and Samburu. Conservation partners are
joining together to census this endangered
species, and nowwe invite you to join the
rally save theGrevy’s zebra!
set to impact conservation
Newpublic- private
partnership tackles
slopesat theannual forest
fund raiser10to4Mountain
reat Grevy’s Rally (GGR)
scheduled to takeplace from
the 29
to 31
January 2016
Register via thewebsite:
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