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Voiceof themembership
March 2016 IssueNo. 6
MrThomas Sakui
Peace and security is an important factor
in our community.And if there is no peace
and security therewill be no development.
Conversation plays an important role in
promotingmaintaining peace and security.
Through conversation there is understanding.
People get to express themselves onmatters
that disrupt peace and security. Hostile parties
discuss long-term solutions and agreement.
Securitywill improve because the reason
for previous conflictswill be known through
Manager Ilpolei group ranch
The number of clashes occurring among the
communities living around this area is due
to grazing lands andwater sources. Through
conversation the communitieswill have a
platform to air their issueswithout the need
to attack each other. Theywill get to a certain
understanding on how to share the available
grazing landswithout one community
claiming ownership. Thisway peacewill
bemaintained and the level of securitywill
MrTumpesDavid ole legei
WardAdministrator (LaikipiaCounty)
Conversation is an important factorwhen it
comes to peace and security. It brings to light
reasonswhy there is conflict between the
named parties.Whatever caused the conflict
will be known andways to improve peace
and securitywill be found only through con-
versation.With conversationways of prevent-
ing future conflictswill be laid down.
Peace and security is disruptedwhen one
party violates another’s boundary. This can
be prevented through conversation, bywhich
rules of both communities boundaries are laid
down.Andwhoever violates the said rules
will face the appropriate punishment.
MrS.K. loi
Cattle rustling among the community is on
the rise. Through conversation the perpetra-
torswill be brought forward to the responsi-
ble authorities, by this understanding there
will be no need for violence reaction.
Conversation brings us together. People from
allwalks of lifewill have amutual agreement
on pressing issues affecting them. Thisway
therewill be no reason for hostile approach to
put across grievances.
RangeLand coordinator Il-gwesi
Conflicts don’t happen overnight, it brews up
due to the tension build-up. The conflicting
communitiesmay be querrying for a long
time until it reaches to a point fighting is the
onlyway left. Through conversation tension
is reduced because therewill be a platform
Laikipia county resident
The conflicts occurring aroundmy area
are prompted by trust issues. One com-
munity cannot trust the other community
just because of their stereotypical view of
that community.When their livestock’s get
stolen they react by attacking that particular
community because they associate them
with stealing, brewing clashes. Through
conversation this communitieswill have a
neutral ground to talk to each. Thisway they
will get to know each other’s true character
and thiswill build trust. Peace and security
will improve due to the trust created by
s the world celebrated
World Wildlife Day,
Laikipia Wildlife Forum
joined Ol Jogi Conservancy to
commemorate the official opening
of a wildlife corridor. This corridor
will enable the free movement of
to neighboring conservancies and
beyond. This free movement will
enable the dispersal of animals to
other areas with abundant food,
especially during the dry season.
Jamie Gaymer, the security
Manager at Ol Jogi Conservancy,
observed that since they completed
the construction of the corridor
“there has been zero movement of
animals to community lands hence
reducing human wildlife conflicts”.
A resident in Kimandura, Mr Ole
Tipipi, appreciated the presence
of the corridor. “This new corridor
actuallyhelps to reducecattle theft in
the area too”, he declared. “We now
find that cattlemust pass through the
gates specificallydesigned as part of
the corridor, thus reducing general
cattle movement along the road
appreciated the joined efforts of Ol
JogiConservancy andother partners
Ol JogiConservancyOpensaNewWildlifeCorridor
PhotoCredits: (left) Laikipia
WildlifeForum (right)Kimani
Kuria, Ol Jogi Conservancy
for theircontribution toconservation
activities and promoting the
The occasion was also attended
by a delegation from residents
of Laikipia West, keen to put up
elephant proof fences with wildlife
corridors along theRumuruti forest.
LWF played an important role
in bringing landowners together
to finance this important wildlife
corridor. Landowners from Enasoit,
Lolldaiga Hills, and Ole Naishu
contributedaswell.EKN fundswere
used tofacilitate thecommemoration
of WorldWildlifeDay activities, as
part of their contribution towildlife
conservationandmanagement in the
Laikipia landscape.
An elephant bull using the corridor for thefirst time.
Wildlife corridorCC cuts the ribbon
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