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January2016 IssueNo. 4
ow more than ever, wildlife
conservation is inextricably
linked with the livelihoods
of local communities. Ol Pejeta seeks
to support the people living around its
borders, to ensure wildlife conservation
translates to better education, healthcare
and infrastructure for the next generation
of wildlife guardians. Through business
enterprises and with the help of willing
Ol Pejeta increases investment incommunitydevelopment
donors (both large and small) Ol Pejeta
Conservancy works to develop the funding
work, and to provide financial assistance to
projects that assist the people living within
our neighbouring communities.
By the end of 2014, Ol Pejeta
Conservancy had raised and dispersed over
US$6.5million in support of its community
development programme. The conservancy
works closely with local government
and a variety of elected community
representatives across the county to identify
projects that qualify for assistance from the
All projects are assessed on a case-by-
case basis, andmust contain some element
of community contribution. Ol Pejeta
aims to concentrate on the following core
areas: health, education, water, roads,
osephat Musyima and Virginia
Nyaguthi Wahome have been
appointed honorary wardens
under the Kenya Gazette Notice No.
8232 (The Wildlife Conservation and
Management Act No. 47 of 2013) in
the Mountain Conservation Area for a
periodof one year.
Virginia Wahome holds a Bachelor
of Development Studies and a Diploma
in Community Based Development.
She has also taken a short course on
Human Elephant Conflict Management.
Since her school days Virginia has
taken various leadership roles in
the community from being a Board
Member in Secondary Schools to
being the Chairperson of the Laikipia
Wildlifeconservationset tobenefit from
County Wildlife and Conservation and
Compensation Committee. Virginia
Wahome has also been appointed
Officer for Laikipia Wildlife Forum. In
her new role, Virginia will manage the
implementation of the Rumuruti and
West Laikipia Fence projects through
training, buildingcommunityawareness,
aswell as help to strengthen stakeholder
partnerships. Virginia’s experience in
community development work dates
back over 10 years and has served as
Community LiaisonOfficer forWestern
Unit for a decade.
Josephat holds a Master of Arts in
Project Planning andManagement and a
Bachelor of Education (Science).He has
over 20 years experience in community
basedconservation initiativesandproject
management. His expertise is focused
on landscape conservation issues,
community participation, programme
design, planning and management. His
love for conservation matured when he
ledWildlife Clubs in schools where his
careerbeganasabiology teacher.He later
joined theWildlife Clubs of Kenya as a
regional Coordinator forWesternKenya
where he was responsible for initiation
and stewardship of environmental
education outreach programmes.
Josephat joined LWF in 1997 and
he has held various positions over the
years. He is currently the Director of
Programmes responsible for supervision
and management of donor funded
agriculture and livestock extension services
and the development of community-based
conservation tourism ventures. Based
on regular socio-economic surveys, the
Conservancy targets provide the support
necessary to address real needs and tomake
a real difference to the lives of the people
who live nearby.
Agriculture& livestock extension services
Communitybased conservation tourism
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