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Voiceof themembership
WhathasbeenyourhighlightwithLWF this2015andwhat isyourexpectation in theNewYear2016?
In 2015, LWF increasingly
engagedwith us; general
collaborationwith a partner is a
good thing. They are now newly
invigorated, especially in areas of
Management acrossLaikipia and its
future plans in terms of conservation
inLaikipia .
In 2016, we expectmore
collaborative approaches in
conservation.We need to collaborate
in the areas of livestockmanagement
especiallywith large scale land
owners in addressing issues of
illegal and unsustainable abstraction
ofwater through properWater
Management.We need to change
the perception that Conservation
Education is for school going
children only because it is for
everyone there is need to address
HumanWildlifeConflict and reduce
such incidences inLaikipia.We
areworkingwithLWF andSpace
ForGiants and have already started
building a fence at thewildlife-
farmer interface inLaikipiaWest.
Ol PejetaConservancy
2015was indeed a great year and peaceful
for the grazing pastoralists, therewere less
conflicts and thiswill be enjoyedmore
in 2016 once the electric fence project is
completed because human andwildlife
conflictwill be a non-issue.
We planted trees in 2015.And in 2016we
hope to plant evenmore so thatwe can
start enjoying the benefits that comewith
Our community needs help!Help so
thatwe plantmore trees, tackle human-
wildlife conflict, preserve our culture aswe
conserve nature and especially inmaking
water available that is safe to use.We saw
strides towards that in 2015 throughLWF
andwe hope that they continue tomake
water a priority in 2016whichwill greatly
help our families.
HalimaNanyoi Fana
I got the chance to learn about Conserva-
tion of wildlife in 2015 throughLWF and
in 2016 I hopewe get to plantmore trees
with theForum in our villageKahari. This
will be a great step towards having a better
2015 gaveme a chance to learn to appreci-
ate the environment and naturemore, in
2016 I hopeLWFwill support us in our
CulturalManyatta project.
JuliusLesampaine -
I can only thankGod thatwe survived
2015’s drought. Itwas sad to see both live-
stock andwildlife die during that period. In
2016 I hopeLWFwill be able to continue
to tacklewater scarcity, and the increased
spread of diseases brought bywildlife to
our animals especially ticks. Itwould be
great to at least have space and corridors
forwildlife, our animals and people.
I thankGod for 2015 and pray that aswe
workmorewithLWF our projectswill
becomemore successful.We need help in
marketing our beadwork project and the
Nabarisho cultural project thatwe plan to
start.We hope to partnerwithLWF so that
these can be successful and also so our
children and families can benefit.
in 2015 drought and lack of grasswas a
serious challenge resulting to conflicts
between ranchers, wildlife and our com-
munity.We hope therewill be less of these
problems in 2016 especially becausemuch
was accomplished byLWF’sRangelands
Management programme on grass.
2015was a great year.We enjoyedPeace
andSecurity initiatives as Pastoralists and
we are looking forward tomore of that in
OurNorthernUnit CommunityLiaison
Officer successfully helped us in a
campaign to ban alcoholism, itwas a
serious development challenge in our
community and from that people are busy
working in their farms, livestock and other
constructive projects that aimed atmaking
our community lessmarginalised.
The drought in 2015 presented potential
conflict betweenwildlife, cattle, communi-
ties, ranchers and our neighbours. LWF’s
Rangelands team identified this and gave
us good information on how availability of
grass can bring peace.
Last yearwe attended a seminar to learn
about animal disease-causing organisms
throughLWF’s facilitation, this year it
should be intensified to help us understand
importancewildlife, conservation educa-
tion, properwatermanagement.
January2016 IssueNo. 4
In 2015LWF really tried to integrate all
itsmembers, even isolated pastoralists. In
2016wewould like theForum to support
ourmums so that they can support families
more, employ youth as scouts and look into
reclaiming andmanaging both conservation
and livelihood activities around theNgare
NdareSwamp. The situation is becoming
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