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Dear LWFMembers and Friends,
As theyeardraws toaclose,wewould like toextendourgratitude for your
valuedsupport andcommitment over theyear.
Wearepleased to informyou that in2015wehavemanaged to raise2.75M
Kenyashillings inmembership fees - 9Simba, 45Chui, 8NGOs, 71CBOs, 50
individual and37schools. Thiswasonlymadepossible through thevalued
support of themembershipandweextendourgratitude toall thatmade this
2016promises tobeademandingyearof activities forLWFand its
membership.Wewill commencewithournewLWFstrategicplan. We look
forward tomeetingandworkingwithyou todiscussour futureefforts inLaikipia.
OurStrategicPlanningTaskForceand teamswillworkwithdifferent Laikipians
todetermine the roleandpriorities forLWFgoing forward.
The teamat LWF,would like to take thisopportunity towishyouall ahappy
holidayandapeaceful, secureandprosperousnewyear.
Warm regards,
December 2015 IssueNo. 3
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