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n a glorious, ocean-
side ceremony at Diani,
Laikipia County swept
two awards during Ecotourism
Kenya’s annual Eco Warrior
Awards ceremony. Constructed
to complement the Kenya
Tourism Board’s annual Kenya
Tourism Marketplace, the Eco
tourism players that support
conservation, community, and
local enterprise. The Laikipia
County Government hosted one
of the sustainable tourism Eco
WarriorAwards for 2015.
Ol Pejeta Conservancy took
the Judge’s Recommendation
for best private conservancy.
Ngare Ndare Forest Trust took
the award for best Community
Laikipia’s delegation was
led by the County Secretary,
John Mwaniki, and the County
Secretary forTourism,Tradeand
Enterprise, JanePutunoi.
During the awards ceremony,
LWF formally handed over
Laikipia’s tourism website,
, to the
County Government as a tool
to assist in the promotion and
marketing of tourism services
in the county. LWF previously
managed the website under its
Eco-tourism is a key source
of income for theCounty. This
however, is affected by poor
natural resourcemanagement
systems, environmental
degradation and inadequate
knowledge by local communities
due to lack of sensitization.
Through the help of Laikipia
WildlifeForum, theLaikipia
CountyGovernment is in
the process of workingwith
Eco-tourismKenya to explore
Sustainable tourismmakesstrides inLaikipia
ways inwhich the county can
enhance its position asKenya’s
sustainable tourist destination.
It is through this partnership
that LaikipiaCounty attended
the 5thEdition of the annual
Magical KenyaTravel Expo.
Following thismilestone for
tourism inLaikipia, theCounty
Government will continue
toworkwith all tourism
stakeholders in promoting
,” saidAliceMatu
–Director ofTourism, Laikipia
Kenya’s first countyTourism
Bill, prepared by aCounty
TaskForce, and recommended
by the county executive
committee, nowwaits for the
CountyAssembly to review
and ratify theBill. This needs
to be completed before the
end ofDecember 2015. The
Bill provides the framework
for sustainable tourism
development in theCounty, and
calls for an inter-departmental
body to coordinate tourism
development inCounty
Government departments. It also
makes provision for aPublic-
and a 10YearMaster Plan.
Tourism Master Plan
​Twoyears ago, in anticipationof
supporting tourism development
in Laikipia County, LWF
embarkedon thedevelopment of
a 10 yearMaster Plan. The Plan
has now been fully drafted by a
public-private tourism task force
led by County Government and
LWF. It awaits approval of the
CountyTourismBill to allow for
the vetting theMaster Planwith
County residents andbusinesses.
AnnickMitchell, TourismManager -Ol PejetaConservancy, receivesaward
fromHonJanePutunoi (centre) at theEcoWarriorawards
n a renewable energy
by the Laikipia County
Chamber of Commerce in
Kenya, and Laikipia Wildlife
Gitonga Kabugi pledged a new
platform for Laikipia to address
renewable energy policy and
investments in the County.
Heading a county delegation
that included the County
Secretary for Tourism Trade
and Investment, Jane Putunoi,
the Deputy Governor cited
Greenenergygetsaboost inLaikipia
great opportunities for Laikipia
County to lead the way in
renewable energy development
in the country. 
The German Chamber of
Commerce, represented by the
Deputy Country Director and
Head of the Energy Desk, led
a private sector delegation of 5
renewable energy companies
looking for opportunities to
provide technical solutions to
the energy demands and needs
of the County. Three solar
energy firms, one biogas firm,
and another firm looking at
energy systems presented their
portfolios of technologies and
performance inAfrica. 
The conference audience
included representatives of
private ranches, the Laikipia
County Chamber of Commerce,
green growers, and companies
with an interest in off-grid
energy production. With only
15% of the County’s population
connected to the grid, citizen
engagement, learning, enterprise
development, and investment
As Laikipia County moves
to brand itself as a green
destination with an emphasis
on sustainable natural resources
management and responsible
enterprise, renewable energy
plays a key role. Moving the
county towards more renewable
sources of energy requires a
wise combination of technology,
financing, policy and legislation.
TheDeputyGovernor noted that
the new County Government
platform will be designed to
capture the vitalityof the private
sector and the potential role
of County to set an enabling
environment for renewable
energy with improved access
to energy incentives and cheap
The first meeting for this new
platform is expected to take
place in January 2016. 
Wepledge anew
platform for
Laikipia to address
renewable energy
policy and investments
in theCounty.
Participantsduringat theRenewableEnergyConference
December 2015 IssueNo. 3
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