The origins of this programme grew out of a need to provide and promote the development of bio-enterprises that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable amongst rural resident and pastoral communities in Laikipia.

The programme also aimed to create opportunities for women and the less advantaged, to play a strong role in all the nature based enterprise activities.

Bio-enterprises are selected based on tradition and, the sustainable use of natural resources. LWF has helped rural members organize production systems for natural products, increase their volume, add value, and help people to reach markets with their products. This must all be done without compromising the resource.

The most successful of these efforts has been our beekeeping activity where we have supported rural beekeeping groups in:

  • Adopting new technology
  • Value addition
  • Developing business skills in order to tap into new markets
  • Demand better prices for their products

We will continue to harness the financial, technical, and social services as well as due diligence necessary to make these enterprises sustainable. Furthermore, we are looking into activities that fit into our tourism and bio-enterprise portfolio which includes:

  • Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainable Energy Generation
  • Water Conservation and Management Technologies and Applications
  • Livestock Management and Marketing
  • Environmental Education and Experiential Learning
  • Forestry and Tree Products
  • Permaculture

introducing bio-enterprise at karisia hillsMain activities:

  • Developing a range of 5-7 selected bio-enterprises (see below for products)
  • Building capacity of value chains
  • Developing innovative and creative product design
  • Establishing long term development commercial relationships

Bio-products under development:

  • Medicinal/ethnobotanicals
  • Honey, beeswax and apitherapy products
  • Nutraceuticals and body-care products
  • Essential oil and cold pressed tree seed oils

By creating a direct link between the conservation of natural resources and ethically based commercial enterprise the programme will contribute towards a vibrant indigenous habitat and reverse the trend of environmental degradation in the Laikipia area.

More information

Eric Okwach

Conservation Enterprise Officer

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