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Laikipia tourism, Kenya

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Laikipia Coffee Table Book

B AT E M A N Environment/Natural history

Laikipia; The landscapes, wildlife and peoples of Kenya’s high country

Tui De Roy and Mark Jones

Laikipia is a spectacular region stretching from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valley.  A sanctuary for over 80 mammal species, including black rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, aardwolf, wild dog, and a wealth of African game, Laikipia’s biodiversity is globally unique. Even more special, it is entirely managed by the communities of Laikipia: people, wildlife and sustainable ranching exist side by side. The result is an area of beautiful wilderness, where protected game roams freely and safely.

Laikipia Wildlife Forum commissioned Roving Tortoise Photography  & Bateman Publishers to develop a coffee table book on Laikipia to showcase not only the wildlife of this fascinating region, but also its ethnically diverse communities. Many things differentiate Laikipia from the rest of Kenya, but possibly the most significant is how people from different cultures and backgrounds have come together to support and undertake conservation through their own organisation, the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF).

Superb photographs from Tui De Roy and Mark Jones give a sense of the wide open spaces of Laikipia, its special birds and animals, and the excitement and adventure of Africa’s bushland, away from the wellworn paths of the National Parks.

When the Laikipia Wildlife Forum approached world renowned wildlife photographer Tui De Roy and Roving Tortoise Photography colleague Mark Jones to help produce a book, they jumped at the chance to bring their talents to this project to support and promote a very special conservation initiative. In Laikipia conservation is carried out to support the management and sustainable use of natural resources as well as work for their protection and restoration. In this way, conservation supports more than just the wildlife, it supports a way of life.

S I Z E 292 x 235 mm (111/2” x 91/4”), portrait FORMAT 160 pages, 4c x 4c, cased and jacketed

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