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Kuki Gallmann on World Wildlife Day


The framed print of the Spotted Eagle Owls has been kindly donated by Kenyan artist, Andrew Kamiti, for the Anthony King Conservation Trust.This print is from a limited edition of 100 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Many of you will have already received news/flyers regarding the Trust which went out earlier this month.

The print will be available by SILENT AUCTION commencing on the 24th. February, 2014 closing 23rd. March, 2014. The auction will be run from Cape Chestnut where the print will hang, for all to see, together with a sealed bids box. There is a reserve of K.Shs 45,000/- on the framed print.

Auction bids via email should be sent to:

Dee Roberts       email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These bids will be treated in confidence and placed in the box.

All bids should state your name, bid, email address and telephone contact.

In the event of a tie the relevant parties will be contacted for further bids.

Please let us all help Delphine and Juliet realise their dream for Anthony.

Thank you

The Laikipia Economic Study

The contribution of the rural economy to the development of the County is not well documented. By increasing understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for the County Government to harness and maximise its potential to achieve the desired future for Laikipia can be identified.


Awareness Raising on Wildlife Conservation

In our effort to increase understanding of the need for and the value of wildlife and a healthy natural environment, the Wildlife Conservation & Management Programme is conducting awareness raising campaigns among the people of Laikipia. The main aim of this activity is to raise awareness of the local communities about the need to conserve wildlife and the environment. So far we have been able to do an awareness raising meeting to reach out to the people of Debatas in central Laikipia, a small shopping centre bordering the Olpejeta Conservancy. This was conducted on 7th of October. Living next to Olpejeta, one of the leading conservancies in the region, these community groups need to understand their role in conservation. It is their responsibilities not to do poaching as this vice will lead to the extinction of the endangered wildlife species. It is also their responsibity to report poaching cases. The meeting was attended by over 300 people. Other stakeholders who attended the event include the KWS officers, the area chief, and the community elders.


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