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“What Future Laikipia?”

There has never been a more vital time to ask this question than now. We are faced with a rampant demand for natural resources to support our livestock and agriculture sectors. Consumption of these resources in Laikipia is far from sustainable, and we seem to race willy-nilly towards the destruction of our county and its […]

Drought Declared a National Disaster, What’s Next?

This year’s unwanted combination of drought, illegal livestock movements, armed conflict, political manoeuvrings, and unnecessary violence against property and wildlife has hit us hard. We needed a focused effort to rebuild community and to strengthen neighbourhoods. In February, good news arrived. The County NDMA office received news that they will receive Ksh 11.626 million to […]

Empowering WRUAs is the way to go!

Over the last 2 weeks, WRUAs, WRMA and MKEWP have entered into formal agreements to restore and sustain rivers flowing within the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro North Basin. This is a culmination of a month long consultation process that included the private and public sectors. Focus was on the implementation of a strategy to mitigate the […]

British Army Leadership Meets with Community and Commerce Reps

In a well-timed move, LWF recently organised a meeting that brought together the British Training Unit Kenya, popularly known as BATUK, and representatives from community group ranches, Laikipia County Chamber of Commerce, Laikipia Tourism Association (LTA), Laikipia Association of Conservation Educators (LACE) and rangeland officers from LWF with the aim of demystifying BATUK’s work in […]

Important update from Laikipia

The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) and associated national tourism bodies, (KTF and KATO) today came together with the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) and Laikipia tourism providers to form a tourism task force whose primary role is to promote Laikipia and its exceptional, diverse landscapes, wildlife and cultures. The #KaribuLaikipia Task Force will also update the […]

Laikipia Tourism  – An Engine for County Revenue Growth and Development

In January 2017, The New York Times published a list of 52 must-visit destinations in the world. Featuring in this listing was Laikipia with specific reference to Borana Conservancy and one of the County’s newest properties, Arijiju. Read the full review here For years, Laikipia’s “eco-tourism” was a beneficiary of donor support. Pamphlets, maps, coffee […]

Trenches in Laikipia – Solution or Menace?

Frustrations in Laikipia are running so high that some residents of Laikipia have resulted to using medieval tactics to keep out herds of unwanted livestock. As a result, some conservancies and ranches have invested millions of Kenyan shillings to construct trenches, (in addition to the electric and chain link fences, and wires on the borders […]

Water Crisis – The Solutions Lie With Us!

  The present water crisis in Laikipia is the result of three things: Less than normal rainfall over the last 6 months, and less than average rainfall in 2016. Illegal abstraction of water from our rivers. Inadequate water harvesting and water storage and mismanagement of water for agriculture. We are witnessing a water crisis of […]