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Laikipia tourism, Kenya

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Conservation in Laikipia supports more than wildlife - it supports a way of life

Laikipia Zebras

The Forum is committed to bettering the lives of people in the area through supporting and generating livelihoods, while securing dependable, sustained access to essential natural resources. As a dynamic, membership led conservation organisation, LWF provides a platform for dialogue for a cross section of land owners and land users including local community groups, private ranchers, pastoralists, small scale farmers and tourism ventures.

The principal resource and strength of the LWF is its membership.In this day and age of climate change and escalating human population pressures, the natural world - and humanity’s place in it - is becoming increasingly embattled.  The Laikipia region is unique in that is does not have formal ‘protected area’ status, yet across the vast expanses of private and communal land, its biodiversity values are not only being sustained but in many cases enhanced.

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