• Wildlife Conservation

    Large mammals in Laikipia County are both diverse and numerous, perhaps more so than almost anywhere in East Africa…

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  • Forest Management

    The Laikipia region has a number of forests rich in biodiversity with tree species ranging from cedar, podo, olive, sandalwood and Prunus africana…

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  • Water Resources Management

    Laikipia is physically diverse, scenically spectacular and holds the second largest density of wildlife in Kenya after the Masai Mara…

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  • Peace & Security

    The LWF operates a VHF radio network which is available to all land owners and land users in Laikipia District, that are members of the Forum…

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  • Tourism

    Set against the backdrop of Mt Kenya, Laikipia is one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Kenya, and has abundant and diverse wildlife…

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  • Conservation Enterprise

    Laikipia is physically diverse with open grasslands, basalt hills and dense forests. It is also rich in wildlife and supports many domestic herds…

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  • Rangeland Management

    The Laikipia County occupies a wild and expansive landscape (9,500km²), physically diverse and scenically spectacular; with grasslands, hills and forests…

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Conservation in Laikipia supports more than wildlife –
it supports a way of life

Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) is committed to bettering the lives of people in the area through supporting and generating livelihoods, while securing dependable, sustained access to essential natural resources. As a dynamic, membership-led conservation organisation, LWF provides a platform for dialogue for a cross section of land owners and land users including local community groups, private ranchers, pastoralists, small-scale farmers and tourism ventures.

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